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Write a Love Letter to Someone Special at Crandall Medical Center.

Do you miss that special someone who lives at Crandall Medical Center?

Send a friendly note – right from this page.

Keeping a social distance is smart for health reasons. Now we have made it easy for you to stay connected to anybody who lives and works in our Crandall community.

Don’t know anyone at Crandall Medical Center? You can still send a general message of love and support.

What can you say? Just say hello. I love you. Tell a joke or funny story. Share a memory. Or just wish somebody a wonderful day. Every kind of sentiment is appreciated.

We will make sure your note reaches someone (resident, nurse, staff employee) who could use your friendly greeting.

Whoever you choose, we will be sure your note will warm the heart of your loved one or a general recipient within a week.

Write Your Note
Only one note can be sent at a time. So for instance, if you want to send a note to a resident and one to a staff member, please submit each one separately. You may send up to 3 notes in a day.

To send your letter, complete the form below:

Donate to The Oaks Foundation
Your message of love, kindness and support can also be made by way of donation. Contributions benefit the Copeland Life Care Promise & Crandall Medical Center made via The Oaks Foundation.