Dining Options

With Higher Standards

Dining with Crandall Medical Center

Food is a powerful symbol of nurturing, love and celebration. The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home.

The staff at Crandall Medical Center understands that mealtime is often the highlight of the day for many residents. Our restaurant-style dining offers residents a familiar way to enjoy lunch and dinner.

Nursing assistants serve as hostesses assist with seating and take orders as residents choose from menus placed at each table. The dining staff takes great pride in providing polite and courteous service with a personal touch being attentive to each resident’s needs and preferences during the dining experience,

Don’t like what’s for dinner? An alternative menu of standard favorites is always available. Besides opportunities to dine in the social setting, Crandall Medical Center offers room service for residents who prefer to eat in the privacy of their own room. A small kitchen on each nursing unit is stocked with snacks, beverages and ice cream. Nursing Staff is available to assist residents with an afternoon snack or late-night bite.

Every season of life brings changes and often adjustments in diet and nutrition are needed. That’s why the Registered Dietitians and diet specialists at Crandall Medical Center help residents maintain healthy nutrition. Special diets are provided as needed.